Kaspa’s Desserts….

I have never been the greatest fan of desserts so when Kaspa’s opened in Cardiff some time ago I kinda thought what’s the point as the main course is missing. I have always opted to indulge in the main and skip the end course as savoury has always been my lure rather than a sweet treat.

So to be fair walking into Kaspa’s was a very rare occurence for me.

On walking in to Kaspa’s for the first time you are greated by a rather American Diner style feeling with booth seating. Unfortunately we were seated in a booth that had a rip in the vynyl and the cardboard menus were beggining to see the signs of wear but no matter my 9 year old was excited about indulging in something sweet.

I am the proud mother of a lively 9 year old who very unusually dislikes Ice-Cream; I mean what child dislikes Ice-Cream; erm that will be mine so I was pleased to see two other options as a side in addition and that being Custard and Cream. My boy picked Custard as he’s not the greatest fan of Cream “oh very strange” I hear you say.

Triple Hot Chocolate Fudge Brownie for him and Choc Chip Cookie Dough for me and at over £5.00 a pop for each and with drinks you are not going to get much change from £20.00 with the drinks being around £5.00 as well for Smoothies, Shakes and Fizzy Pop Ice-cream Floats. There is an option for free water as they had a couple of water containers out which my child had great fun trying to pour water from whilst his glass was on the floor.

My boy absolutely loved the Chocolate Fudge Cake he litterally licked the plate clean for once which is fantastic for a picky eater. Maybe I will feed him cake more often.

I enjoyed the warm Cookie Dough but as it really is only 4 partly cooked biscuits I found it a bit pricey for what you actually received.

The staff were very welcoming and the service was quick in the St Mary’s Street branch in Cardiff.

So would we go again?

Maybe; Maybe not…..

And the award goes to Triple Choc Fudge Cake (Video below).


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