I am a 41-year-old mother of a 6-year-old boy, a professional photographer and someone who loves writing.  I am far from perfect and have had to deal with some serious issues that have affected my life in many ways.

I love being a mother but it is a hard job and I struggle sometimes but no mother is perfect and we all need some time to ourselves even if that is five minutes catching up with friends, going out for lunch or diving into that hot bubble bath. We can laugh, we can love and we can cry and there is nothing better than grabbing your best friend and having a right good old gossip.

I am a single parent and I am also a graduate photographer from the Documentary Photography degree at Newport University and I love anything visual as I truly believe an image can speak a thousand words; pair that with exciting written content and you have  something that I will call; ‘a blog of friends’.  I want you to join in with the conversation and share your experiences and I also want to find out what you want to read about or learn.

I struggle sometimes with self-worth but I am not just a mum I am a Gossiping Mum and that keeps me going.  I like to find out about what is happening away from the school yard, life with and without children and we all love a bit of escapism; whether that is beauty, travel, lifestyle or celebrity gossip I hope this blog will give you a look outside of our own little bubbles.

I am a mum and I will never stop learning to be better than I am today, I am one but I am also one of ‘The Gossiping Mum’s’ lets start gossiping….


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