So where do I begin; well I am Nicola and I am the mother of a feisty 6 year old boy called Ethan who loves football, swimming, cycling and playing on his Xbox and of course if he is not playing on his Xbox he is watching anything about Xbox on the computer.

We are though very much more than just a mum and a son as together we are unstoppable and this is our journey and one that we want to share with you in our hopes and dreams and adventures into the future.

Life doesn’t always run smoothly for mums and we can pretty much get the raw end of the deal with ex partners, life’s struggles and searching for a purpose in life.  We can stumble and fall but the difference is we have to pick ourselves up and rise above what holds us back.  I remember a powerful quote spoken by Sir Winston Churchill which has remained with me all my life:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”….


We are mum’s and we are the backbones of society we keep going because we have no choice; for the love of our children and their aspirations we keep with the fight and live to fight another day.

‘The Gossiping Mum’ is about normal life which has all of the up’s and downs and I have some skeletons in the closet like everyone else and I am far from perfect; but the real difference is what keeps me going and that has always been my strength of character, bringing fun and laughter into my life and having some damn good friends that could raise the titanic from the depths of the ocean and needless to say break a bad mood.

I have fought for everything I have in life and I am now at the point where I want to stop fighting, worrying and to just simply live life and have fun.


Before I leave you though I want to put one request out there and that is to urge you all to join in with the conversation.  ‘The Gossiping Mum’ is all about talking and sharing; we are a blog of friends where we can learn and grow together; so….

Let’s start gossiping!


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