Rest assured ‘The Gossiping Mum’ is sticking around and thank you for sticking with me.  Over the next few days I am going to keep the writing coming but to give you a little teaser; it will be worth waiting for.  Hmmmmm you might think and well there are a number of things us single mums have to get keep on top of and for me this week it is all about home improvement and entertaining the kid’s or kid in my circumstances.

I have a small bathroom project I have to complete and I am popping on down to my local Cineworld in Cardiff to review the new 4DX cinema experience. Wow complete opposites and one of which I am dying to do and the other is dying to be done; I wonder if you can guess which is which!

If you have been afraid to wallpaper fear not it’s not as difficult as you might think so keep an eye out for all my how to’s in that blog entry.

If you have been waiting to experience cinema in 4DX hold on to those moving and vibrating seats I will be sharing with you my experience in the next few days.  I have a 6-year old child who in my attempts at keeping him seated in the cinema have gone disastrously, and consisted of ten number one trips, and two number two.  Will 4DX be the experience we have both been waiting for?

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you so pop back soon.

‘The Gossiping Mum’


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