Are you one of those people who have never heard of an ‘Android Box’ or ‘Kodi’?  Do you get confused by builds and or what applications are, or what Streaming is? Well look no further because I am writing this article with you in mind, and by the time you have finished reading this you will have hung up that coat and decided whether you are for or against Kodi or whether you need to buy an Android box

I am by no means an expert on Android Boxes or even Kodi for that matter but by sharing with you what I have learned so far it might give you the confidence to make a better choice regarding online content.

Today it is easier than ever to access online content with ever faster internet speeds and unlimited data packages, and it means nobody ever needs to worry about running up high bills. I am old enough to remember dial-up and a time when there was no internet to use but now ‘Google’ is my friend and if I struggle to find an answer I only have to turn to him and ask; sorry Jeeves I unfriended you long ago.  Now I am only talking about Android boxes at this stage however the software it comes with can be run from a laptop, smart phone or in some cases a smart television; but we will talk about that later.

I initially became aware of Android Boxes when my Brother purchased an ‘MX8’ a few years back and which in laymans terms are simply mini computers or even simpler TV boxes which can turn any television into a Smart television. Now-a-days smart televisions have reduced in price and many households own one therefore it is easier for many to access online content from YouTube, BBC I Player or even ITV Player.  The Reality is Android Boxes can offer so much more in terms of storage, availability of applications and the ability to keep the device updated on a more regular basis and I would still turn to use an Android Box over using applications on a smart television.  If you wish to understand any more a good place to start would be to do an internet search where you could find more in-depth articles but for me it is all about keeping it simple.

I decided to join a number of online groups on Facebook such as Kodi UK. TV General Support to help me understand how to use my Android Box and where everyone is more than happy to answer any questions you might have. I began with straight questions such as what Kodi was and I learned it was simply a media player application which you could be used to run multiple media sources from video to audio and whether that was online or offline.

Technology can be slightly bewildering especially with the amount of choice we now have and delving into the world of smarter television is no different as there are more than enough options. The golden rule for me when buying anything is to look at reviews and I don’t just check for reviews on products I will also look at comments about sellers and their reliability.  When things go wrong they go wrong and you need to have that reliability in after sales to solve any problems you might have; we all get caught out sometimes but 9 times out of 10 by following this simple rule you can get most things safely.

I own the MXQ Android Box and it has served me well for over 15 months and has given me endless enjoyment. There are newer 2017 models which have progressed to the MXQ Pro’s and whilst I own this box there are many others which cost a lot more and I offer no recommendation other than to say if you visit the Tech Radar website it does, and where prices vary from the best box costing anything from £189.99 at John Lewis to £159.99 at Amazon. In my opinion for £40 you can get get what you need to start off and then you can simply upgrade as you learn therefore if you simply want to watch movies or TV as I do my £40 box has been worth every penny.

Now with all this content available on line from Blockbuster movies, Live Television and sports one might wonder if it is legal!  The reality is there is currently no formal legal decision and with the likes of John Lewis and Amazon still distributing them one might think the legality is clear however this is very much a grey area.  I for one do not condone any use that might offer for free live paid for subsciptions like Sky TV or Live Sports but these are all easily accessed through an Android box where a simple internet search could give you the opportunity to watch premiere football kick offs for free.  The general consensus currently is that if you are watching anything you should only be accessing via content that is already readily available online, streamed and not being viewed from the point of transmission, or in fact through a third party source to a paid subscription such as Sky; a list of free sources can be found by CLICKING HERE.

There are a lot of other sites that can access media streams that you might find yourself stepping into difficult water like Mobdro where you can access Sky and a multitude of worldwide television, and I will make no judgement on how or if you even access these sites.  I will say that whatever you use an Android box for it has given me limitless enjoyment and until a full and final legal decision has been made I will continue to use one for my viewing pleasure.

So what is a build on an Android Box or an Application?



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